Akra clone engine rules. SUMMIT POINT, W. AKRA Clone Jr 1 . Fully machined and assembled, ready to bolt on and go. OHV Clone Engine RULES (Also known as the Jiang-Dong, Lifan, Greyhound, Central Machinery, etc…. 042 Pin with Holder. Pipe and clutch rules have been modified per tracks discression. Ages 15 years old and up. Section 701: Briggs & Stratton Stock Raptor Engine Section 712: Clone Class Builder Prepared Engine; Section 714: Subaru Robin EX13 Engine; Section 600. Looking at the picture above, it is easy to see what sets ARC's header apart. 2019-2-8 · Stateline Karts 2019 Clone Class Rules We will follow AKRA “Box Stock Clone” Engine rules for all classes. Topped off with our Attack Series . Small Block Open (16 and up) (clones, predators, animal and briggs flathead) Weight 360lbs AKRA Stock Rules. February 29, 2020 by AKRA Inc. Section 450: Speedway Pavement; Section 700. Add to Cart. The carb may need to be rejetted for your specific area and engine to achieve maximum performance. Engines and Engine Kits Gaskets and Seals Cams AKRA Clone Valve Seat Tech Tool w/Pin. Some final checks will have to be completed by the racer. Participant ages are determined as of January 1st. , Honda GSX200 385lbs. Electric Starters ARE Allowed . BRIGGS LO206 DYNO TUNED ENGINE $ 695. 2245 IN, . Animal Engine $1500. 00 AKRA Legal Builder Prepared Clone $1200. BSP Clone Choke Hold 2021-2-23 · Failure to comply with this rule at all times will result in the immediate ejection from the pit area. Age: 10 to 16 2. The AKRA Technical Manual contains all 2020 AKRA 4-cycle engine rules and much more. Clone OHV 200 Class, Pump Gas Only Engine: AKRA Clone Motor (196cc) Fuel: Gasoline (87 octane) Pipe: Open Pipe ** No Predator Motors. $9. I have run it under a good load for a few hours and it starts first pull and purrs. 380 lbs. Clone classes will follow akra engine rules. 500 Plate Racing, Pass 2021 Tech. – 87 Octane 2018-10-7 · Stratton Stock Animal 370lbs. BOX STOCK SENIOR 350* Age 15 years & up – 350 lbs. (See Section 710. 7168041746 - Venom Racing Engines. Any clutch and gear allowed. WE RUN NKA RULES NOT AKRA RULES ON OUR OHV CLONE CLASSES ONLY !!!!!!!!!! Welding of epoxy repair permitted to the block and side cover. 2021-11-22 · AKRA Clone Blue Plate Open clutch Open pipe Predator Box Stock Age 13 350 Lbs Fremont Raceway Park Predator rules' ' 2018 stock class clone engine kit doverpoweronlinestore com july 10th, 2018 - now with fully ported head per 2018 akra rules or best available head if nka or wka or ikf rules our proline std Kart Works AKRA Extreme Blue Printing Package Includes: - Dyno Cams Red Stock Engine 6. TECH RULES: Flat Karts: Maxxis Midwest Series/NKA Clone Rules.  · Pro Box Stock header must be of traditional “candy cane” design, silencer must be directed down and towards the rear bumper. But when a part is questionable, it should be looked at through the eyes of fairness, and spirit and intent should rule. These heads come with a 3 angle vale job, machined gasket surface, pre-set and shimmed valve springs. Stroke is 2. crank case cover with 6 bolts and gasket. 1 - Driving karts in pits 2. Gears : 10 tooth driver / 89 tooth rear sprocket. Clones . These heads come bare or assembled and are Aluminum clevis fits clone or flathead. 5 - Tech Engine to AKRA Rules - PVL Aluminium Flywheel - Flywheel, degree wheel to check and set ignition timing - KWC Box Stock Carb blue printed to AKRA Rule . EV-6 New Grind to turn 7000 rpms with little hp drop from peak at 6000 up to 6800. I've recently purchased a small Champion generator powered by a Chinese manufactured Honda 196cc clone engine. Red plate clone engine or predator. 710. 99 This carburetor is legal for the 2021 AKRA rule updates for carbs. 641-429-3050 Randy / Jamaica Raceway We offer cams in both AKRA and NKA legal configurations, that will give you more power than any other cam on the market. or Best Available Head if NKA or WKA or IKF Rules EV-6 (NEW) EV-6 New Grind to turn 7000 rpms with little hp drop from peak at 6000 up to 6800. NKA & AKRA legal for both rule packages. 5 OHV, with the exceptions as listed in this document. Includes machined … AKRA engine rules apply. 2022-5-24 · at PIRATE Racing Engines, we can REBUILD your present engine for $700 including parts, labor ! call or e-mail for current PRICES & DETAILS on all engines / carbs / cams / rebuilds. oil fill plugs. 14 for additional muffler specifications. ∙ AKRA AKRA Clone engine rules for this division. (14’’ max nose height) x No drivers fairing on steering column. 7. Rules: 1. Bottom edge of silencer end cannot be higher than 9" from the bottom edge of the block mounting surface. Any size pipe with a muffler 4. Jetting is baseline Engines and Engine Kits Sort By: Featured Items Newest Items Best Selling A to Z Z to A By Review Price: Ascending Price: Descending Quick view … 2022-5-23 · Find Tillotson Engine Components at EC Carburetors. minimum 6~ AKRA Medium: TS Racing, Inc. … 2022-1-11 · 710 CLONE CLASS PURE STOCK Engines in this class must run parts unaltered from factory specifications. All plate classes are small pipe. Clone Heavy: Clone engine. Categories Categories. The six pipes allowed are l2, l3, l4 at a minimum of 8†length, g4 at a minimum 9. 2022-3-1 · Engine Tech Tools necessary to keep you within the rules of AKRA and WKA . 1-Can run 2018 IKF/NKA Briggs Gas Animal rules: Weight: 300 lbs. none 2022-4-19 · 2020 AKRA 4-cycle engine Rulebook / Tech Manual. 00 ea. P IC Flathead Dual Bearing $1650. 718”. Shopping cart: now in 6. 420 lbs. Fuel: GASOLINE ONLY 87 octane Sheetz fuel only Clone Engine Blueprinted to 2021 AKRA / NKA Rules. 3 - Driving kart safely 2. they are completely Blue Printed and built within the guidelines of the AKRA rule book. Venompowerracingengines@gmail. 1/27/2022 2022 OFFICIAL RAKC RULE BOOK 1 1. Quantity: Race Ready BSP Clone Engine - Ready To Bolt On and Race! The governor has been removed, … Engine type: 2022 AKRA BSP Clone Motor. A 3 angle valve job is perfectly machined on our state of the art Rottler seat and guide machine. AKRA made the construction process a lot less stressful. 750" max O. ARC . DynoCams is the direct source for genuine Ducar parts that come with quality, consistency, and performance. Regular price. We machine and hand pick all of the components that go into these engines to give you every advantage possible. 8 lbs Valve Lash SKU: 200 SBNK Categories: Engine Kits, Short Blocks. DEAD STOP C20081 $20. Blueprinted Parts consist of: FullyBlueprinted Block with Pulse Fitting Installed. 4. 375-AKRA Restrictor, weenie pipe, 14tooth shoe clutch. Legal for NKA and AKRA Rules. This class is for RACERS WITH NO EXPERIENCE. 5HP OHV (196cc) Engine The CL4 is specifically designed for the NKA rule package AKRA 2022 Rule Book . 375 AKRA Restrictor, weenie pipe 14tooth shoe … 2021-8-12 · Fuel: Animal – Methanol, LO206, Pro Gas and Clone – Pump Gas AKRA Year End Awards: Count best 8 of 12 finishes. Up to 125cc engines‐ no sidewinder karts : Vintage Sidewinder : 15 & Up No wgt. Vega Dirt Series Florida Rules. Clone Engine blueprinted to the rules you choose. The Tillotson PK-1A fits most of the 196cc 6. Sale price: $90. 00 . Add 2020-10-18 · Engine Pricing. Questions Call: PH. 5 CONNECTING ROD: Connecting Rod: Stock rods are allowed. Class Rules. Complete $150. Lobes are Buffed and Flame Hardened. Shipping Policy. Built to the max of the rule book AKRA Ported or NKA Stealth. Hi Tech Racing Built Clone Engine AKRA Rules. ARC | sku: DJ-1005. After a few hours, I did the initial oil change. This cam will get it done in All adult classes as well as the plate classes. 2022-4-19 · 2020 AKRA 4-cycle engine Rulebook / Tech Manual. – 87 Octane Our National level Clone Engine Kit is machined, prepped and ready to assemble. Sale. BS, open clutch, large pipe - Driver with gear to weigh 200 lbs (local class not AKRA) Note: Changes for 2022 Racing Season - Jr Sportsman 1 and 2 - open clutch; Rookie class was added in 2021; Sr. Champ Engine rules same as 2020. Call 1-660-619-3787 mon-fri 8-5 CST. Today we're one of the largest sanctioning organizations in the sport with over 300 facilities, series, and events using our programs. 5hp Clone Engines, including Honda GX200, Ducar 196, Ducar/Tillotson 212E, Tillotson 196R/RS, Tillotson 212R, Ducar/Tillotson 212E, Predator 212, and BSP 196 and 212 Engines. 2018 rules for AKRA NKA 4 Cycle. Tilletson blocks and heads are legal, but must meet established specifications. Compare. 00 This Blueprinted engine is built to the original AKRA BP class rules. $110. BP (Builder Prepared) 6. Item: MANUAL-AKRA: Product Details; Catalog Sections New Products DynoCams Products Clone Engine Ducar 212 Engine Animal Engine Flathead Engine LO206 Engine Predator Engine Clone 13hp Engine World Formula Engine Briggs 305 Engine Engine Tools Phantom Chassis Charger Racing Chassis 2021-8-12 · Fuel: Animal – Methanol, LO206, Pro Gas and Clone – Pump Gas AKRA Year End Awards: Count best 8 of 12 finishes. Driver minimum weight 200 lbs. There are new tech tools to check etube depth and the Venturi. Clone Header must stay within frame rails ( It has been great working with AKRA Builders on our building project. More Info (TEMP OUT OF STOCK) (BLACK) Original Box Stock Project 6. It helps kids learn kart control, and will get them ready for the more powerful Intermediate Division. 2012 AKRA BP Clone engine: NO Porting Allowed Pump gasoline only 87-91 Clone MUST use billet flywheel. How much or how little to take out. No aftermarket coatings of any type are AKRA Race Ready Clone Engine. Weaver Performance . CM Grind, Clone, Hemi. CNC'd Valve Seats and Valve Pockets . net. The Box Stock Project Engine is your best engine choice to build a Box Stock, BP, or Stock Appearing / Outlaw kart racing engine. $1665. $900. 2022-3-15 · ∙ Briggs LO 206 engine. 95 . The AKRA sets the rules for the Box Stock Project classes and can be found at www. BRIGGS LO206 ENGINE $ 613. JRPW Attack Series Deep Breather Kit AKRA $ 259. Weight: 275 pounds 3. Add To Cart. AKRA 2015 Updated. 00 Shipping Weight: 36. Exhaust: Any pipe allowed as long as it is not a safety issue. Sale price: Hi Tech Racing Built Animal Engine. Sale price: $80. Our national level AKRA engine has been years in development and we squeeze every Horsepower we can out of these engines. 5†and ir1 or ir2 at a minimum 9â€. 50. Clutch: Any centrifugal clutch allowed. x 265 lbs. 1 PIPE: Must run with 0. x 3 hole purple restrictor plate. minimum weight. Some rules and specifications are specific to each engine model. This class follows CKNA rules for engine, pipe, chassis, and bodywork AKRA Rule Book 2020, clone, box stock, honda, gx200, ducar,dupor 2021-3-16 · 2021 Clone Category Rules • Approved Engines: OHV (Overhead Valve) engines commonly known as Clones. 00 shipping. BS, open clutch, large pipe. CURRENT ENGINE SPECIFIC TECH SHEET FOR: BOX STOCK PROJECT 6. . To order, call the AKRA office at 704-764-8138 or order online at the following web stores: DynoCams. 300lb minimum weight rule. In stock. Clone Small Header with Brace. Briggs engine rules apply. $200. 2 - Starting engine 2. Header: Any single stage, one piece header made from . General Rules 1. RACE CITY RACE PARTS AKRA LEGAL CAM RCP-4 Predator Hemi 212 Engine. Driver Requirement: Ages 16 & over . 00 *** All Clone engines have been rebuilt and dyno tuned for the 2020 AKRA Engine rules!!! *** Weaver Performance . 5. 00 from Harbor Freight plus $11. This flywheel is designed for oval track racing. The Box Stock Project Engine is the BSP yellow 6. $1,200. • Open tire. 2 -2012 AKRA Clone engine rules GASOLINE ONLY. Quick view. Red Clone Rookie Red Clone Green Clone Purple … 2022-1-22 · 1. Clone engine blueprinted to 2021 akra / nka rules. $149. Roberts Kart Shop stocks every part for the 6. This restrictor plate is designed for the 196 Clone Box Stock for other classes, i. 2 - Rough Driving 2. 5. It's easy on fuel and quiet too. 133 crank Choice of cam and fly wheel, Hand picked head & block, Blue printed carb, top plate, fuel pump, pulse fitting, fuel hose, and filter adapter. Big pipe with blue plate. ARC Racing. Low Speed Idle Jet Stock (. Restrictor Plate: Un-restricted – No restrictor required. The ONLY engines allowed to run in 20 hours ago · 2013 Akra Engine Rules - infraredtraining. -All senior and Junior classes will use big pipe and RLV -4104 Stock muffler. Open tire. If there was a problem, you handled it or pointed us in the right direction. Works great for Top End in unrestricted classes! 6500-7100 RPM Range!! This cam will work in the Predator Hemi Engine as 2 days ago · The PK-1 carburetor is legal for AKRA and many other racing divisions. — After what feels like an eternity of waiting, American Kart Racing Association’s (AKRA) Hoosier Kartsport National Road Race Series season opener is now right around the corner — 10 days away as of this writing — set for May 20-22 at Summit Point Motorsports Park and hosted by the Woodbridge Kart Club. No Go-Pros or camera mounted on helmets per AKRA rules Our national level AKRA engine has been years in development and we squeeze every Horsepower we can out of these engines. CHAMP Arc BLUE plate 0. ready to race! Engine is built with Max Stroke Crankshaft, Custom Hand Finished Camshaft, Bored Carb, Ported Head (AKRA), Stealth Head 2019-2-8 · Stateline Karts 2019 Clone Class Rules We will follow AKRA “Box Stock Clone” Engine rules for all classes. PT AKR Corporindo Tbk. Product Description. • Ages 15 and up. The . 95. 360 lbs. 00 … 196 Clone Engine Parts; 196 Accessories; 196 & 212 Gaskets; 212 Motors; 212 Motor Parts; 212 Accessories; Carburetors ; Exhaust; JRPW Attack Series AKRA or NKA Machined Head. DJ-1001 Clone Engine 196cc . 15 +. AKRA Clone Sr Class. Subscribe for news and sales . 95 Select options; AKRA Clone Short Block JRPW Level 1 Rear disc minimum diameter – 7” — minimum width – 3/16” (5) All karts must use rear bumper rule 359. 2022-5-24 · Engine Program. 685” and may be over bored to 2. lightweight lifters. 15. No axle ** Clone Engine Flat Kart Classes**-Clone Classes will continue to utilize both AKRA and NKA Engine Platforms as we did in 2020. 2010-7-31 · The Engine currently sells for approx. WE WILL BE RUNNING IKF, AKRA ENGINE RULES. From Kid Kart engines to the best Limited Modifieds, For years we have been building engines designed to win championships for all forms of Karting. Sunny South reserves the right to make amendments to these rules. Engine CC Tools. 4 BORE: Stock bore is 2. Teen Sr Champ--- Minimum 350# Open Gear rule - Blue Plate . Briggs and Stratton Local Option LO206 Engine Kart Works AKRA PRO Blue Printing Package Includes: - Dyno Cams Red Stock Engine 6. Both NKA and AKRA/USKRA designs have an RPM Range of 7000 plus. $39. Cylinder Head . , Predator 212 Box Stock; check with your track's class structure and legality rules. Our cylinder heads are cnc machined to provided the exact same result every time. (6) Kart must meet all 125 Sprint chassis requirements. Clone Billet Filter Adapter. Some engines may be available for immediate shipping. DYNO | sku: DCCL2. 375 lbs. We will follow the 2020 AKRA ENGINE SPECIFIC TECH SHEET FOR: BOX STOCK 6. February 29, 2020 0. This class follows CKNA rules for engine, pipe, chassis, and bodywork Thank You For Choosing Rix Tech Tools For Your AKRA And NKA Tech Tool Needs ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE New Kits for 2022 Tech Tool Kits New For 2017 Head Porting Tech Tools 2017 Kit Individually listed Individual Tech Tools Valve Train Head Tech Tools Engine CC Tools Burette Clamp CBS111 $18. Return Policy. Contains a DJ-1138B CNC port-matched header, RLV-4117 "Mini 91" muffler, Pre 2020-4-28 · Pro Clone/Stock Heavy: Minimal weight 375 lbs AKRA 196cc, 370 AKRA 212cc, AKRA stock engine, or AKRA BS Clone Any Dry Clutch, 212cc engine legal w/AKRA rules.

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