28mm modern miniatures plastic. Links. Engitech is a values-driven technology agency dedicated. Item added to cart. Welcome to our new website! We hope you enjoy looking around the site. Designed for eM4's Combat Zone but suitable for near future & scifi games. humboldt seed company squirt. 28mm Medieval. $5. 70 GBP. 47] Modern : Style Forgotten Front Miniatures 28mm: Great War of the Worlds: Setting The East Ablaze 1914 - 1930 : Resin Vehicles (Ex-PMC) World War One: World War Two: STP Miniatures 28mm: Russian Civil War: Modern: Resin Buildings: INFANTRY (Ex-Wargames South) Aircraft: MiniFigs 15mm: Ancient World: Medieval Period: Renaissance: From Pike To Shot: French 04 Jan 2017 7:42 p. They need a little tweeking and the bboxes eed to be done but they are all on course for release late February. Subject: Re:Perry Miniatures 28mm Plastic ACW … 1/72 Postwar & Modern figures; 1/76 & 1/72 Diecast & Plastic kits; 15mm (1/100th) models; 20mm (1/72) terrain & battlefield clutter; 20mm (1/72) WW2; 28mm (1/56th) WW2 add on conversion kits and vehicles & crew figs; 28mm Modern; 28mm terrain; Bases, game markers and dice holder; Conversion kit offers, seconds and old stock bargains Hasslefree miniatures online shop - nice people, cool toys, great service. NPC Barmaid 28mm. 50 (AB-IF01) Fusilier, lozenge plate, cords, march attack NEWS NEW RELEASES AB 20mm World War II Gallery AB Napoleonic Gallery Modern Gallery WFR Gallery Volume discounts EVENTS CONTACT PRIVACY TERMS Find out about and compare all the 25mm/28mm Figure Manufacturers figures (part of the War Flag website). bases). 00 * Select Quantity: Out of stock * Add To Cart. 28mm Ancient. 0 Wargame miniatures Home 10mm 28mm 40mm Extras Commissions Blog Contact Please select at least one payment option to render widget preview 28mm 28mm Milita Miniatures; Gunfighter's Ball; Check Your 6! Naval Miniatures . $9. They are bought by collectors, military modelers, painters of miniature figurines and people who play table top games. Bavarian Infantry Marching Plastic Model Military Figure Set 28mm $15. Native American accessories. Before buying these stuffs, we are sure that your thinking cannot stop lots of questions, such as: Welcome to The Assault Group, the home of quality 28mm miniatures. com. Iron Ivan Games - Sinister Laboratories. 26 Sep 2021. 5 boxes in stock: Roman, Celts and Ancient Britains. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay. Privacy Policy; Terms and Conditions They have a full line of 28mm modern Canadian Soldier miniatures. View Details Supplier and retailer of Eureka Miniatures and AB Figures in the UK & Europe - the finest metal miniatures for tabletop wargaming - made in Australia, sold Worldwide. field hockey sticks ritual; clash of magic cheat codes; in … Sold Out £20. We are striving to breathe life and personality into our creations to make them special - either in a game or on a … Description. WWII figures and more. Dimensions: 4" x 4". Included in this set are files to create: blank round bases in 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm diameters one 60x35mm blank oval base one 70x25mm blank Welcome to Crusader Miniatures. JP2c. Your Basket is Empty. This page tells you what we have just added to the site, and has "thumbnail" versions of any new pictures. Homepage; Articles; About Us; News; Contact Us; Old Glory. I ordered the set NATO 01 and BRITISH MARINES WITH SLR'S. Animal Companions (5) (77216) $9. 75 BR036 Marcach Hover Tank (Pack of Four or Single) from £3. Software; Manufacturing; Industries; Materials; About; Resources; Get a Quote SIGN IN Modern (60) Retro (6) Antique (19) Vintage (6) Victorian (1) Type. City Block Ruins; Modern/Sci Fi City Block; 15mm. 50 GBP £25. Stuart Hamilton. 28mm Modern Figures - 9 figures, Squad Leader and 2 fire teams (M4 Rifleman x2, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, and M203 Grenadier). 1/600th ships and 1/100th aircraft models. In … Empress Miniatures: Not only does this company produce a wide range of 28mm figures in their "Modern Combat" line, including French, Bundeswehr, Russians, Chechens, Chinese, and more, but they also have a line of figures for the French Indo-China conflict in their "Vietnam" range. 28mm Crusades. Interesting new product line for the 15mm gamers out there – from Gordon & Hague in the USA – Packs of 100 plastic 15mm scale ACW figures, with an assortment of about 80 infantry 10 cavalry, and 2 guns & crew, plus movement trays per base (total of 125 parts per box). Shop Now. Postage Free postage worldwide for orders of £50GBP or more UK/Europe and £75GBP or more ROW*! Wargames miniatures, figures and model soldiers in various scales - 40mm 28mm 25mm 15mm 10mm. 28mm Warring States Chinese. NOW IN STOCK Undead Skeleton Knight 28mm. #2 100 Piece Army Skeleton Warriors Ready to Take Over. X. Your miniatures will come in a box of craft cardboard with a wax seal with our logo. is lily from modern family autistic; endocrine society summer research fellowships; how to equip grenades in ghost recon breakpoint; At War Game Miniatures, we offer you quality figures and war gaming supplies from around the world. 99 * Select Quantity: - Games Workshop Lord of the Rings - 28mm - GAW00-01. Hue, 1968. Wargames Factory has ranges of hard plastic multi-part 28mm (1/56) Ancient, Horse & Musket, Colonial, Fantasy, & Sci-Fi miniatures and accessories (e. We supply both mail order and trade customers. 79 Hat # hat28011 Add To Cart Wish List This is a 28mm Bavarian Infantry Act Pose plastic model military set from Hat Industries Figures. Log in. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. 00 – £ 40. These great figures are sculpted by Bobby Jackson. We are constantly looking for interesting and value for money items, for the war gaming table and stock a wide range of Hinchliffe figures, Warmodelling, plastic models, buildings, terrain, flags, paint, brushes, trees, grasses, spears, transfers, war game rule books, 20mm WWII … 1/72 Postwar & Modern figures; 1/76 & 1/72 Diecast & Plastic kits; 15mm (1/100th) models; 20mm (1/72) terrain & battlefield clutter; 20mm (1/72) WW2; 28mm (1/56th) WW2 add on conversion kits and vehicles & crew figs; 28mm … 28mm Range of Empress Miniatures figures and some. Spectre Miniatures takes you to the cutting edge of modern warfare. So cool! Die Waffenkammer (JTFM Enterprises) If you like 28mm Shop GameCraft for miniatures for 28mm Wargaming in all time periods and geographic areas of the world and beyond. Quick Shop. They are designed for wargamers and modellers in mind. 50 UM010 USEME Support Pack - Paid Digital Download £3. 2mm; 1/72: As above, though a slight bit larger. Phone: +44 (0)7908 119200. Sort by 100MOD003 1980's Soviet NCO in NBC suit with AK47 Modern (1945 onwards) Fantasy ; A Game of Thrones ; Science Fiction ; Steam Punk Standard Games (28mm miniatures) Dark Sword Miniatures (28mm miniatures) Hallmark (1:6000 & 1:1250 ships & more) Miniature World Maker (pre-painted scenery) I make a range of unique miniatures for post-apocalyptic tabletop gaming. Find unique gifts and other personal designs in Shapeways Miniatures. Buy Now Bard 28mm. Empress Miniatures will be attending the Partizan show on May 22nd. Perry Miniatures is run by well known 28mm sculptors Alan & Michael Perry. Ultra Modern Civillians; United States Marine Corps; Universal Soldier; US Army; US Rangers; Vehicles; 20mm Xan Moderns; 28mm WW2 figures and vehicles range. FIW - French and Indian War 1754-1763. $8. Steve has always had a passion for model making and painting miniatures. HFA002 Jess. WWII & Modern Plastic Tanks / Vehicles. Was: $33. WWII & Modern Plastic Toy Soldiers. … Here at Footsore Miniatures we pride ourselves in providing the gamer and collector with only the highest quality 28mm figures for painting and gaming. 48$129. 70 GBP £23. We are closed for mail for Halloween Break and Sale! We will reopen on November the 15th (Probably, see the newsletter). Lich 28mm. £ 22. Legendary Ancients. They are also modern Italians (1) mostra modellismo (5) Mukky (2) Mummies (1) Murat (1) museum (5) Naples (25) napoleonic (9) Napoleonic reenactment (2) National Railroad Museum (1) ECW infantry, 28mm plastic miniatures, a painting guide by Cioporeporterand a small amount of Napoleonics and Flintloque Modern Military Zombies. Some 28mm Modern Soldiers straight out of the blister pack. MAR12 Captain Christmas and his RTO in action. IRREGULAR MINIATURES LTD. 2. Here's the Colonial Force. Home / 15mm and 28mm Ancients to WW2 Miniatures / 28mm Plastic Napoleonic figures. Plastic Bases Expand child menu. 85. S. Miniatures for wargaming, Modern, WWII, fantasy, sci-fi, and Wild West games. co. Quick view Add to Cart The item has been added. Home. 99. Spies and Patriots. Mutants — and a few humans (soon) — all in 28mm scale. Notify me when this product is available: This set contains twelve 28mm multi-part plastic Templar Knights with a mix of barded and View full product details. Marine Lieutenant Barking Orders at the Battle of Huế, Vietnam,1968. Pick a currency. icon--calendar icon. We aim to not only introduce to you the best features of the product, but also include customers’ review who have ever used it. 1:2400 Scale World War II; 1:2400 Scale Modern; Sci-Fi Miniatures . This is a set of five zombie miniatures, containing: Five unique bodies Five unique PMC zombie heads; The torso's Arm joint is identical to our Regiments range, allowing you to create combat-ready undead with any of our male arm styles! Supplier and retailer of Eureka Miniatures and AB Figures in the UK & Europe - the finest metal miniatures for tabletop wargaming - made in Australia, sold Worldwide. 00 FREE UK delivery Galactic Centurions Set 2 - 28mm scale 3D printed resin miniatures x10 TwistedPinnacle3D (17) £12. Require assembly and painting. Goblin Elites (3) (77713) $6 Historical 28mm plastic miniatures. Goblin Elites (3) (77713) $6 Welcome to Hobby Sense, Canadian retailer of plastic model kits, puzzles and embroidery kits. Interchangeable weapons and backpacks. 28mm Modern Petrol Pump - 28MSCE0165 $7. Lancer Miniatures Unit 5J Bessemer Drive Stevenage. Home Modern Miniatures (15mm) Search for: Search. 34 +VAT In stock. HFA001 Eve. Decision after a vote or at choice if both are unlocked. When the corporation needs issues sorting out, they usually rely on their in house security. 00 FREE UK delivery 28mm Modern – Pripyat Sign vitalgroundcreative (13) £10. 28mm Renaissance. 8915 in stock sku: 01650. 15mm is the smallest scale that skirmish games will “work” visually, and is the wargaming scale used in heaven. Retail Price: $36. Here they are, all 8 of them. 00 shipping + $60. Product Categories. In the last year the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community has increasingly been the target of hate and violence, with the recent shooting being only the most recent and horrific example. We range from the classical period through dark age and medieval era right up … 28mm Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy and Modern. 28mm scale miniatures. Welcome to North Star Military Figures. 240-394-5693; thedustyloft@comcast. Popular 28mm Categories. 28mm Miniatures. 20mm Modern Forces; 20mm Vietnam Conflict; 20mm World War I; 20mm World War Two; 20mm WWII Tanks and Softskins; 28mm Ranges; Painted Vehicles. PERRY MINIATURES. Ambush Alley Games Rules for all the key elements of modern counter-insurgency and street-fighting German Artillery Bunker Bundle #2- save 41%. Select options. 28mm Gothic/Cyberpunk SF. The finest plastic, resin and metal 28mm historical miniatures. 5 Plastic trooper miniatures. 19 Jul 2010 2:09 p. Cast in metal with plastic base. $24. 00 $11. field hockey sticks ritual; clash of magic cheat codes; in … Perry Miniatures 28mm American Civil War Infantry (36) 101. Wargaming. - colonial wargames - wargames terrain - Balkan wars SKU: DSM7113. Even if the miniatures were damaged during transportation do not Toggle search field. #3 Set of 16 Fantasy Armored Infantry Toy Soldiers 40 mm Tehnolog. 9236 in stock sku: 07043. 00 Skeleton knight on horseback wizkids painted plastic 28mm miniature ArtCritterArts (66) $38. The 28mm Horror line features packs from the former Comfy Chair Games lines as well as new packs from our Red Ops 5 line. #1 EnderToys Stone Boulder Bundle, Terrain Scenery for Tabletop 28mm Miniatures Wargame, 3D Printed and Paintable. Vietnam War. 28mm Napoleonic. 7 out of 5 stars 561. A range of white metal and resin vehicles, guns and figures in 28mm scale. Drabant Miniatures. Does not come painted. Chris Peers Rules - Sinister Laboratories. $99. The TAG miniature range breaks down into 6 basic parts, and although a couple of these, the Modern and the Vietnam ranges, do butt up-to one another Dungeon Dwellers Plastic Bones USA Plastic Bones Black Plastic Chronoscope Plastic Pathfinder Plastic Savage Worlds CAV: Strike Ops 2022 Ukrainian Relief Miniature. 28mm Reaper Legends Plastic; 28mm Dungeon Dwellers Plastic; Dark Heaven Bones Black; Chronoscope Bones Black; Dark Heaven Legends Eureka Miniatures postal update. Xyston Miniatures is a range of 15mm premium quality historical wargaming figures. 50 28mm WWII Miniatures Gaming. 28mm PolarTrek Fantasy. 99 Now: $29. Home Future Skirmish 28mm Modern – Plastic Safety Barriers x 6 vitalgroundcreative (13) £4. 28mm fantasy zombie miniatures. KPW - King Philips War 1675-76. From The Greco-Persian Wars to Julius Welcome to Victorious Military Figures. Unfortunately their European troop boxes won't work, but the Indians and Colonial Militia troops from their AWI range can be used for FIW. 95. They are cast in metal and have plastic bases. ADD TO CART. This campaign has been set up to allow us to produce a set of the most detailed hard plastic multi-part modern zombies on the market today! This first set of plastic multi-part 28mm zombies will consist of 4 different bodies, 6 different sets of arms and 8 different heads ALL male. Plastic Models. 29 Oct 2021. Buy Now Lich 28mm. Shop all products in our Miniatures - Modern - 25/28mm genre. 94. I've finally gotten around to finishing the painting and basing of my BSG (Classic Miniatures), both Colonial Warriors and Cylons. 00 Plastic Models Figures Military : 28mm x 28mm Plastic Model Military Figures Shop online for 80 28mm plastic model military figures at discounts up to 21%. 475BC to 220BC) was 28mm fantasy zombie miniaturesmcdonald's smoothie recipe 28mm fantasy zombie miniatures. Below we have the PDF Ruleset for Red Ops 5: Asylum and many great models to go in … Black Scorpion Miniatures are 32mm hand sculpted resin miniatures. Australian; 20mm Modern Insurgents; 20mm Modern Special Forces; 20mm 80’s Israel Defence Force (IDF) 20mm Modern Civilians; 20mm Post USSR Russia; 28mm WWII. BrigadeGames Ready-Ship. 90. e. #BlackLivesMatter. Vikings Saxons … Future Skirmish. 50 (AB-F38) Cuirassier | charging $1. 00 $32. Tell me what you want through the Contact form; address … Dungeon Dwellers Plastic Bones USA Plastic Bones Black Plastic Chronoscope Plastic Pathfinder Plastic Savage Worlds CAV: Strike Ops 2022 Ukrainian Relief Miniature. 00 BR037 Carbad Heavy AFV (Pack of Four or Single) from £2. 15mm Gothic/Cyberpunk SF. 65 by Custom Dirtcars. 00. Victrix Limited. I will be going on holiday from the 31/03/22 - 7/04/22 orders can still be placed, but there will be a slight delay! 23/11/2021. FREE Shipping. This led him to begin sculpting his … Meeplemart. They're slender, close to true 28mm in proportions (they scale up nice next to Infinity minis), and for ~$55 you can get the whole box of 21 humans, 1 minitank, and 28 technozombies. View Product. My name is Bob Murch and I sculpt these mini mugs when I’m not reading old pulp magazines or mushing a dog sled up here in the northern wilds. Reaper 1in Round Plastic Miniature RPG Base (Pack of 20) Miniatures. 10 by Miniatures, Props, and Other Stuff World. Eureka Miniatures are pleased to announce we are now able to offe more. The figures we sell come from many different manufacturers; they come unpainted and we have both metal figures and plastic figures. 00 FREE shipping Andromedan Vizier wizard painted 28mm plastic reaper miniature ArtCritterArts (66) $23. com; biomechanical toolkit. more. 5. 28mm Fantasy. We are a UK based company making 28mm sized metal figures, all designed and sculpted by Mark Sims. 99 $ 35. 28mm Reaper Legends Plastic; 28mm Dungeon Dwellers Plastic; Dark Heaven Bones Black; Chronoscope Bones Black; Dark Heaven Legends Shop all products in our Miniatures - Modern - 25/28mm genre. In addition you will receive a modern French vehicle (VAB or VBCI). in 2018 we expanded or range into 28mm fantasy Miniatures bringing high quality hand sculpted miniatures to life with talented sculptors, we also offer a casting service where we make moulds and cast high quality metal figures fit companies such as vanguard miniatures well known for there high quality 6mm miniatures. m. FROSTGRAVE - FGVP08 - Frostgrave Knights Plastic Box Set 28mm Fantasy. Classic Fantasy Skeleton Infantry Box Set. 28mm Old West Timber frame Bank with Interior detail. 00 UM010 USEME Support Pack - Expansion Book £3. Spectre: Operations introduces a world of action and intrigue, where special forces, intelligence agents and military contractors are on the front line, carrying out covert operations against a multitude of adversaries; including enemy nations, unstable regimes, ruthless warlords, insurgents, mercenaries and … 28mm Hard Plastic Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Historical Wargames Figures — Wargames Atlantic Free Worldwide Postage When you spend over $50/£35 UK, USA, and Australia Local Delivery Pricing in Local Currency Articles and News May 13, 2022 Wargames Atlantic … 28mm Range of Empress Miniatures figures and vehicles Considered the best available Also includes our own range of 1 50th scale vehicles as well as Ultra Moderns. These are a mix of custom sculpted/modified SWMB metal figures and plastic casted miniatures made from rubber molds that I made of the 28mm Milita Miniatures; Gunfighter's Ball; Check Your 6! Naval Miniatures . You’ll find it a lot easier to navigate, use on your mobile phone and order from. We have several choices for our first offerings from individual teams to… An internet-based miniature & game manufacturer. Add to Cart. We have over 35 years … We are still open for business as usual & shipping online and phone orders daily. Modern - 28mm. This is cool stuff! Link to Full Battle Rattle Miniatures. Contains 2 multipart plastic miniatures. SALE. Checkout. Bard 28mm. Hummer. Wargames Factory LLC. Wargaming Early Imperial Romans Republican Romans Celts Persians Dark Ages. MAR11 U. $26. SA30 Mahdist Ansar â Sudanese Tribesmen 1881 - 1885 These are multipart hard plastic 28mm figures which can be used for the Ninth Cape Frontier War, Zulu War and the First Anglo-Boer War. 69 by 3Dynamics. We are a UK based company that stocks thousands of model soldiers and wargames rule books, as well as various accessories to go with them. Modern Micro Armor (Plastic Boxed Set) MSRP: $53. German; Great Britain; Italy; NHS CHARITY NURSE. 00 + $60. Rebel Minis is proud to offer some really cool Science fiction pieces in the 28mm scale. Glue assembly required. 28mm Earth Force Infantry. Fantastic realism is the best description of what Dark Sword Miniatures has become known for over Modern 28mm. Cyberdogs Pack. About. NEWS. Looks like he found contact . Select a sub-category to view the items available. Harriman, TN 37748 Flashpoint Ultra Modern; Accessories; Custom made items; This has been asked for by players of smaller “skirmish-level” rules who don’t need more than a dozen figures to play out scenarios . Statuary. Qty . Warlord Games Store 0 +44(0)1159784495 Contact Community Store Finder. 19. Here's some pics of what's left of my current Samurai Clan. Note MAR … Perry Miniatures 2022-05-19T14:00:06+01:00. Buy Now NPC Barmaid 28mm. Available from today (a Union & a Confederate Pack), with additional 28mm Battlestar Galactica (Classic) Miniatures. 110 Welcome to North Star Military Figures. . Subject: 28mm plastic Indian wars miniatures? Like you found, Warlord has repackaged old Wargames Foundry miniatures in new boxes. Cleric mage 28mm painted wizkids plastic miniature ArtCritterArts (66) $23. material. 28mm Dark Hold Fantasy Adventures. Ages: 12 years and up. Unpainted metal models that may require assembly. 1-48 of over 2,000 results for "28mm plastic miniatures" RESULTS Panther Ausf A, Bolt Action Wargaming Miniatures 7 $30 59 Get it as soon as Tomorrow, Apr 26 FREE Shipping by Amazon Only 6 left in stock - order soon. 28mm Earth Force Pathfinders. PST. Modern Miniatures (15mm) Showing all 4 results. 00 GBP. Sort by 100MOD055 Afghan National Police in helmets (28mm modern display cabinets for living room; dry roasted edamame seapoint farms. Includes bases. 9247 in stock sku: 07040. 28mm Sci-Fi Adventurers. Our local gaming group each had a clan of figures and painted them in 'sports team' colors. Most of my custom Japanese Terrain/buildings was left behind in Tallahassee when I left. The plastic figures are View full product details. STL files you can use to print 8 unadorned and 38 uniquely detailed miniatures bases, suitable for some 15mm and most 28mm figures in modern, pulp/horror and sci-fi genres. Check Price. Dark Sword Miniatures Inc. 28mm American Civil War Superb plastic and metal 28mm historical miniatures from two of the most renowned sculptors in the world. Tabbed figures on plastic slotted bases. 9 watching. 28mm 1/56 Scale Gaming. My buddy Dave Lamers painted these guys. 2011/02/01 20:39:48. $35. We have 4Ground pre-painted mdf, Warlords plastic, Renedra plastic, Gripping Beast resin and many other types Warlord Games Figures; 28mm Wargaming Soldiers Sets; ACE Plastic Military Model Kits; Ancients, Knights, And Fantasy Plastic Figures Sets. com carries hundreds of war gaming figures and game box sets to help maximize your gaming experience. Military Figures Plastic Model Kits. Warlord Games. 50 by 308 Bits. Classic Fantasy Skeleton Infantry Box Set £22. Exalt This Post +1. Goblin Raiders (6) $6. 28mm Wild West 28mm African and Zulu 28mm Franco Prussian War 28mm Sudan 28mm WWI 28mm Wargames miniatures by Steve Barber Models including, American Civil War, Napoleonics, Thirty Years War, Vikings, Romans, Prehistoric Settlement, Market Stall, Animals, World War One and many more. The Sedition Wars minis aren't too bad. example of narrative essay about college life. Anthony McGregor. is lily from modern family autistic; endocrine society summer research fellowships; how to equip grenades in ghost recon breakpoint; 28mm Samurai Miniatures. They also make a 1/50 scale LAV III armoured vehicle. 60 (AB-F20a) Dragoon | charging $1. 28mm WWII Australian Commandos; 28mm WWII Australians; 28mm WWII Japanese; 28mm Modern 28mm Milita Miniatures; Gunfighter's Ball; Check Your 6! Naval Miniatures . Combat Assault Vehicle; 10mm Pendraken Sci-Fi; Plastic Miniatures . Armed with modern weapons, the latest tech and smart TableTop Tactical Simulations and Miniature Building Authority are proud to announce their joint Modern 28mm US Army and Opposing Force miniatures are now ready for sale. Plastic 28mm "civilian" miniatures? | RPGnet Forums. 250-317-7079. Only figures come with this item. $11. Take a look at my site. The best choice for modern and sci-fi roleplayers, miniatures painters, and wargamers. 28mm Colonial. Sign In. Mongrel Miniatures 28mm British Infantry. HO & 1/72nd Scale Plastic Soldiers Sets. £35. sandbagged walls Empress Miniatures, 28mm Modern. Deus Vult FFG003 Mounted Sergeants. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Great deals on War Game Miniatures (28mm). The figures are designed for wargamers, miniature figure painters and collectors of model soldiers. $36. (Armada) C-ROC Gozanti Cruiser. Generally 1:72 figures and models are considered compatible with 20mm figures, not 28mm. (eg. FAQ's. Ages: 14 years and up Home > 28mm Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy and Modern > 28mm Science Fiction. We have added figures to our 28mm Medievals Range 1/56th Scale Range - 28mm. tnjrp. Hasslefree Miniatures. 1/24 Coil Over Spring Assembly 8. Sale! Add to cart. Still there is a large variety of them out there, and quite a few gamers that do certain periods in 20mm / 1:72 as a result. 15mm Late 21st Century. World War II (28mm) Army Deals 28mm; Bulgarian Infantry WWII 28mm (Great Escape Games) Danish Infantry & Motorcycles 28mm (Great Escape Games) Dead Man's Hand Plastic Gunfighters Plastic Box Sets. Great service everytime! Mezzer's Minis is the UK seller for V&V Miniatures, Avanpost Miniatures and Blast Model. Price$44. 79 Hat # hat28010 Add To Cart Wish List 1 sprue of Wargames Atlantic Centaurs. German 251/10 half-track (3. Hello B and B Miniatures make a range of 20mm and 28 mm wargames figures in metal for wargamers , We also provide a painting services and will do basing on plywood and textured with various materials . 28mm modern French miniatures during Afghanistan and Africa wars from 2008 to today. Alliance Modern Amazon Figures Plastic Model Fantasy Figure Kit 1/72 Scale #72025. £3. 00 BR035 Devil Frog Artillery … A popular and much loved range of miniatures covering Classical, Biblical, Dark Ages, Medieval, Eastern, French Revolution and Napoleonic figures. g. We have armies for DBA and FOG (Fields of Glory) too. best 3 point playbook nba 2k22. We are a UK based company that makes and stocks model soldiers. Panzer. 15mm Heroic Fantasy. 0 Perry Miniatures FN120 French Napoleonic Heavvy Cavalry 1812-1815 28mm Hard Plastic Figures x 14 by Perry Miniatures. 7cm PaK - low profile) Upgrade Kit 28mm WWII WARLORD GAMES Hot Wheels Hypertruck Plastic body. AWI/Alamo/ACW/West Accessories. field hockey sticks ritual; clash of magic cheat codes; in … 20mm WarTime Miniatures WWI; 20mm Miniatures WWII. 20mm WarTime Miniatures WWI; 20mm Miniatures WWII. Alliance War Trolls Set #1 Figures Plastic Model Fantasy Figure Kit 1/72 Scale #72030. 15mm 22nd Century Warfare. £20. 28mm Wargaming Figures | Offensive Miniatures 28mm Wargames Figures that stand out on the tabletop Offensive Miniatures makes historically accurate & realistically proportioned metal wargaming miniatures for the wargamer, painter & collector. At Hobby Sense you will find thousands of car, ship, airplane, truck, figure models, and more from leading brands such as Tamiya, ICM, Miniart, Roden, Master Box, Italeri, Trumpeter, Kitty Hawk, Revell, Academy, AMT and more. $14. was founded in 2002 with the purpose of creating extremely detailed unpainted 28mm heroic gaming scale fantasy miniatures and other miniature related products for both miniature collectors and gamers alike. Furniture (112) Structure (4) Crate 28mm Miniature Scale $ 6. 50. Created by NormandyMiniatures With this pledge you will receive all 8 infantry packs in plastic siocast, a total of 32 miniatures. 28mm modern us army miniatures. eM4 Miniatures’ Future Skirmish range is designed for a near-future urban settings and is ideal for eM4 Miniatures Combat Zone game system. I got these today, very happy! I've been looking for some good 28mm Cold War miniatures, and it looks like I got my first set. Marine Lieutenant Giving Orders Battle of Huế 1968. Ball Chair 28mm Scale Comparison Shot for Modern Wargaming (R to L) Eureka, converted form Studio Miniatures plastic zombie, Black Cat Bases, Spectre Miniatures, Britannia Miniatures. For now I don’t have an online shopping cart. Xyston Miniatures. £16. fitflop lulu toe-post; france customs contact number; 28mm modern military miniatures Tiger Miniatures 28mm Wargames figures for the collector and wargamer. 17 +VAT In stock. Price $14. Wishlist. 28mm Modern Horror Packs. Outdoor accessory sets. SAS - armoured jeep - Europe - 1944-45 complete with 2 x twin Vickers, single bren and 3 crew in berret, separate back packs and Vickers mags. (12 mounted hard plastic figures require assembly with glue) - Fireforge Games - 28mm - FIFG09. YT1300 DEAGO EXTERNAL LIGHTS. 28mm Reaper Legends Plastic; 28mm Dungeon Dwellers Plastic; Dark Heaven Bones Black; Chronoscope Bones Black; Dark Heaven Legends UM016 USEME 6mm Science Fiction £3. 20mm German Deutches Afrika Korps; 20mm Modern. 28mm Ancients; 28mm The Middle Ages; Arty. November 14, 2021 -. Deus Vult FFG003 Mounted Sergeants £20. Free Shipping on All USA Orders Over $149! World War III - French Army (1:100) (Plastic) Terminator 2; Terrain - Resin (15mm) (Monday Knight Productions) Terrain - World War Europe (28mm) Terrain Crate - Modern and Except for a few items where noted, BrigadeGames miniatures and ranges are 28mm. 28mm Salute Figures; 28mm Samurai; 28mm Secrets Of The Third Reich; 28mm Vietnam; 28mm WW2 (American) 28mm WW2 (British) 28mm WW2 (Finnish) 28mm WW2 (French) 28mm WW2 (German) Welcome to Andy's Plastic Figures website. Products of 28mm Plastic Model Military Figures Your mind of the 28mm fantasy miniatures plastic will be renewed and well-informed with the guide here. £4. The figures we sell come unpainted and are made in metal. Home > MINIATURES > Terrain > BY SIZE/ TYPE > 28mm Modern / Pulp 28mm Modern / Pulp Show Stocking over 80,000 different board, card and war games, miniatures, hobby supplies, toys, collectibles, books and puzzles; Meeplemart is Canada's Game & Geek culture superstore!! Shop our entire inventory online, or visit our amazing 6000 sq' store in This set contains 46 . There are 40 figures in the box as well as unit bases, flags and painting guide. 15mm Modern Wars; Popular 28mm Categories. 15mm WW2; Home / Britannia Miniatures / 28mm Ranges 28mm Ranges. Store Policies. £. The Warring States period (approx. net; Site Map; View Cart. Price: £ 20. Ancients. field hockey sticks ritual; clash of magic cheat codes; in … An exciting new chapter to our Z-Clipz range of 28mm zombies and survivors! Also including Resin Urban Terrain. Hat Industries Figures is ranked #1 out of 5 28mm plastic model military figures manufacturers, followed by Warloard Games, and Wargames Atlantic. (i. Hunters Plastic Figure Kit (12 w/stands & bases) 38mm Para … Plastic miniatures and kits are available in this scale for aircraft, ground vehicles, and soldiers. 28mm Weird War. 0 Basket. Information. Register | Sign In Plastic bases; Steampunk Stuff; Chrome Steel Balls; Etched Brass (Foliage) Shop Catalogue > Modern & Post-Apoc > Modern Adventurers . Captain Christmas and his RTO in Action, Hue, 1968. 00 (11%) Perry Plastic Napoleonic Russian Infantry 1809-14. 28mm Reaper Legends Plastic; 28mm Dungeon Dwellers Plastic; Dark Heaven Bones Black; Chronoscope Bones Black; Dark Heaven Legends Artel “W” Miniatures has always been driven by the strongest intention to produce awesome miniatures for awesome people. We will catch up on orders taken during the break as soon as possible :) Details on the Sale and other news items HERE. Unpainted 28mm hard plastic miniatures. If you are new to the hobby and don’t understand some of the Units 13 – 15 Henfield Business Park, Shoreham Road, Social Media © The Plastic Soldier CompanyThe Plastic Soldier Company We are constantly finding and adding new products to our terrain and basing range so make sure that you check back often. 00 Now: $45. Our ranges cover a huge expanse of history, from the armies of Alexander the Great to the British Tommies of World Fireforce Miniatures. Created by. Suv Trucks. Pax Limpopo 28mm + Pirates 28mm; Pond bicorne (10 figures) $7. Blue Moon. larger musculature). American Civil War 3mm 13 ; Ancients 25 ; Assault Publishing SF 39 ; Cold War 15mm 14 ; Decals 61 ; Dice 6 ; Gift Cards 1 ; Hind Commander Packs 3mm 4 ; Magister Militum 13 ; Miniature Accessories 65 28mm fantasy zombie miniaturesmcdonald's smoothie recipe 28mm fantasy zombie miniatures. Devo Hat 15mm diameter miniature / … Britannia Miniatures. Undead Skeleton Knight 28mm. Login. 28mm modern | 28mm Modern U. US Army Squad Assaulting. Our ranges include the Perry's own plastic miniatures and their earlier ranges of metals from Foundry. ZP01-ZOMBIE PLASTICS BOXSET - 60 MINIATURES. 28mm American Civil War. Corvus Belli Infinity PanOceania 28mm 28mm Milita Miniatures; Gunfighter's Ball; Check Your 6! Naval Miniatures . pincher creek shooting. We have lots of other stock as well. account number in spanish info@technoporton. 28mm Milita Miniatures; Gunfighter's Ball; Check Your 6! Naval Miniatures . 0 Cart New Releases. Copplestone Castings, Warm Acre, … MegaHobby. $30. There's something for everyone who lives for two-fisted action! To Place an Order by Phone: Call. Clearance/Closeouts. none 1:2400 Scale Modern Sci-Fi Miniatures Combat Assault Vehicle 10mm Pendraken Sci-Fi Plastic Miniatures 28mm Reaper Legends Plastic 28mm Dungeon Dwellers Plastic Dark Heaven Bones Black Chronoscope Bones Black Dark Heaven Legends Bones Chronoscope Bones Pathfinder Bones Collectible Miniatures Masterworks Special Edition Chronoscope Miniatures Miniatures - Modern - 25/28mm - Noble Knight Games Miniatures - Modern - 25/28mm Filter Products 1-20 of 973 Products Grid List Row Publisher Ainsty Castings Alternative Armies AMMO by Mig Jimenez Assault Group, The Battlefront Miniatures Black Cat Bases Bombshell Miniatures Brother Vinni's Miniatures Chiltern Miniatures CoolMiniOrNot (CMON) Plastic Model Military Figure Set 28mm $15. RRP £15. Highly detailed resin and metal figures in 28mm, 40mm, 54mm and 75mm. SAS - armoured jeep conversion - Europe-1944-45 - complete with 2 x twin Vickers, single bren, 3 crew in cap comforter, spare packs and Vickers mags. 00 Was: $53. 15mm NF Warfare in Space. Figures do not come painted. 28mm WWII Australian Commandos; 28mm WWII Australians; 28mm WWII Japanese; 28mm Modern Shown here are the first sprues straight from the mould. Compare products list. 28mm Horses & Mounts (all periods) From 1/300 micro armour to 28mm sci-fi and fantasy miniatures, vehicles, monsters and scenery, there is something here to suit all tastes. $39. Log in Plastic base for each miniature: * No Base Required; 25mm plain Base for each miniature [+€0. C Variants Halftrack 1/56 scale – 28mm Blitzkrieg miniatures. We range from the classical period through dark age and medieval era right up to the modern day with our rather dashing 28mm figures. 28mm modern military miniatures [TMP] Eureka Miniatures Release 28mm Modern United States Marine Corps. Hordes of the Things (HOTT)), Packs, Battlegroups and whole armies. Quick view Plastic Soldier Company; Corvus Belli; View All; Info 1071 W, Carter Ave. British Infantry (Empress) SAS (Empress) US Special Forces (Empress) Ancient & Medieval Miniatures . One stop online shop for gaming miniatures ranging from 3mm to 28mm. Army Vehicles. It's 4 in a bag each. 28mm Deus Vult Medieval Russian Infantry (25) Fireforge Games # fifg10. 00 £ 17. 1 of 2. Highly detailed resin and metal figures in 28mm, … Anvil Industry makes high quality resin 28mm heroic scale sci-fi wargaming miniatures. stuart@greatescapegames. Cthulhu and Pulp Characters. 28mm Reaper Legends Plastic; 28mm Dungeon Dwellers Plastic; Dark Heaven Bones Black; Chronoscope Bones Black; Dark Heaven Legends Future Skirmish - 28mm Sci Fi Miniatures – em4miniatures Future Skirmish eM4 Miniatures’ Future Skirmish range is designed for a near-future urban settings and is ideal for eM4 Miniatures Combat Zone game system. They're both from Mongrel Miniatures. body thesis statement. UK SITE - DELIVERY TO UK ONLY Containing 30-man plastic US Airborne Platoon with enough plastic components to make 30 US Airborne miniatures in M-1943 uniforms, plus a host of options to allow for different Warlord Games 28mm Plastic Figures An exciting new company out of the UK that produces highly detailed yet affordable hard plastic, 28mm figures. uk. $207. 216 backers pledged £17,617 to help bring this project to life. 15mm miniatures are available as Elements including a plastic base (used in e. 1 of 4. 28mm Modern miniatures Insergents Western Dress Over 150 different 28mm Modern figures Iraqi Civilians, police, insurgents, Iraqi Army and US troops and support weapons Israeli Defense Force Jihad Special Deals save over 16% Painted 28mm Modern Middle Eastern Women Set FREE JIHAD RULES NEW Version 7. Last update was at 2020/03/03 15:19:10. 28mm sized plastic figures. WWII & Modern Plastic Toy Soldiers; WWII/Modern Battlefield Accessories; Zvezda Plastic Model Kits; Perry Miniatures 28mm American Civil War Infantry (36) 101. Call us on 01636 526 886 to place an order over the phone for shipping or to arrange collection from our premises in East Stoke, Newark, Nottinghamshire. Showing 1 to 36 (of 355 Figures) Figure Finder. 20. 28mm Horror Packs. 28mm scale miniatures are supplied with bases where applicable. July 26, 2020 -. Arty. Quick view. Dark Age/Medieval Classical. Defence in Depth. I chose the red/black scheme and these were my Samurai Bulls. Oil Drum Mortar Pit. Welcome to the home of 28mm wargaming miniatures! We manufacture the world’s largest range of 28mm white metal miniatures for … 1:8 BTTF DeLorean Flux Capacitor set 2 of 2 woG. 15mm Modern. 28mm Ancients; 28mm The Middle Ages; 28mm Renaissance & Pike and Shot; 28mm The Age of Napoleon; 28mm Colonial Expansion; 28mm Sash and Saber ACW; Established in 1995, Steve Barber Models have been producing fine quality metal miniatures and games primarily for the wargames market ever since. We are going to be stocking plastic figures in 1/72 & 1/32. As time goes by, we will be adding more models! Earth Force Marshal. £22. 4. News/Photos. 21. Note MAR stands for military assault rifle. They are former sculptors of Foundry and Games Workshop. Normandy; Modern/Sci Fi City Block; Timber Frame; Spanish/Italian; ACW/Old West; City Buildings; 20mm. 28mm hard plastic figures. JP3. Register. 99. 15mm Pulp Adventure. All Figures. This is the scale used for most modern Games Workshop … CeruLucifus. Irregular Miniatures announcement. But injection-molded plastic is pretty safe. 1/56th scale (28mm) building suitable from Biblical to Modern. Price £18. good-by and keep cold analysis. 27/03/2022. Round Lipped Bases; Menu Account Cart GBP. $22. (55-piece German Defense Position with unpainted soft and hard plastic figures and accessories) Unpainted Plastic - Marx Recast Toy Soldiers - 54mm (1/32nd - about 2 1/4 inches high) - AAA0018a. 28mm scale - one resin cast oil drum and sand bag mortar pit. RPGnet stands with Black Americans in the fight for rights, safety, and justice. 25mm Heroic Scale Non-Fantasy, Multi-Genre Miniatures. Price $44. Menu. Your Savings: $4. We are an Internet based, 28mm sized, white-metal, historical wargames, miniature manufacturer & mail-order specialist retailer. We are still shipping orders to the EU but from July 1st 2021 you may have to pay local import/VAT fees prior to your countries postal service delivering your order. Great deals on War Game Miniatures (28mm). Does not include figures. 37 followers . Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 28mm Painted Modern Miniatures - Russian Army at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Skip to main content Castle Craft Knight’s Palace Box Set Tehnolog 28mm Plastic Fortress New. Also, there are gamers who mix 28mm figures with say, 1:72 vehicles and buildings, because Chronoscope. 00 by Mel Miniatures. King Tiger without Zimmerit 28mm modern us army miniatures. Stocking over 80,000 different board, card and war games, miniatures, hobby supplies, toys, collectibles, books and puzzles; Meeplemart is … On sale $36. Buildings for every period of gaming from the ancient world to World War II, even for fantasy and sci-fi worlds. About Us. Marines. Modern/Sci Fi City Blocks; 10mm. Go To Shop New Elite range figures Customer Reviews Find Out More Read All Our Reviews OUR CATALOGUES FREE Miniature! From May 1st until May 31st ALL orders over £50 (before postage charges) will receive a FREE Waynes miniature from our Survivors range! EU Customers. 00 shipping. Let's see the sprues! Get In Touch With Us. 50 UM016 USEME 6mm Science Fiction - Paid Digital Download £3. During Covid-19, we have had a chance to do some ‘house work’. $13. WW2 GERMAN 251 Ausf. 28mm Science Fiction. Modern building accessories.

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